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RM3C Industries Showcases Expertise at NEPCON Vietnam 2022

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

RM3C Industries is a proud exhibitor at NEPCON Vietnam this year, one of the most influential Electronics Trade Show in Asia Pacific. The event focused on the innovative concept of “Electronics 4.0 Insider" and was held at the International Centre of Exhibition (I.C.E.), Hanoi, from 14 - 16 Sep 2022.

The event saw more than 300 brands and companies from the electronics industry gather and provided the platform for some of the latest technologies introduction and global innovators. Topic discussed range from lean manufacturing, sustainable growth to global supply chain, digitization and IPC standards and applications.

“We are really delighted that RM3C Industries is able to provide the participants with unique solutions in Demand Creation and Fulfilment especially in the field of sensors and switches applications, and to support them to embrace Electronics Industry 4.0,” says Cliff Choo, Regional Sales Engineer of RM3C Industries.

“For the last three decades, we had been working with multinational clients across a broad range of background and industries such as OEM / ODM, EMS, Military, Aerospace, Medical, Semi-con, Oil & Gas, Automation etc. By providing a single window for customer's needs for Connectors, Sensors & Switches, we are able to support their production plan with buffer inventory or safety stocks for cost reduction opportunities,” says Randy Choo, Managing Director of RM3C Industries.

Visits by our valued partners and event participants to RM3C Industries exhibition booth at the Singapore Pavilion at NEPCON Vietnam 2022.

The advent of Electronics Industry 4.0 offers tremendous potential for the industry. It not only means a change in production and expansion of technologies but also a need for manufacturers to create new business models. It required collaborative actions amongst multiple stakeholders including government institutions, associations and industry players as well as the academic institutions.

RM3C Industries is an active member of and supports the Association of Electronics Industries in Singapore by exchanging trade and technical information including information relating to manufacturing and products skills as well as studying new technologies with partners within the electronics industry.

Headquartered in Singapore, RM3C Industries is an Authorized and Franchised Distributor of over 138 line-cards or Brands and over 100,000 stocked parts worth about US$30M. The company has been serving customers across ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand. The company’s wide breadth and depth of products represent renowned brands such as Sensata Technologies, Honeywell, Degson, Diotec, and Fulltech.

For more information, or to contact one of our experts, click below:

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