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BEI Kimco, a Sensata brand, precision engineering manufactures linear and rotary Voice coil actuator (VCAs) and Brushless DC Motors (BLDCs). Our products produce high precision and accuracy control motion. We offer VCA Developers' kits that can be set up with ease.

BEI Kimco can customize our VCA and BLDCs to get performance to meet you application requirements. We also offer a broad range of motor and actuator designs.


Main competitive advantages:

  • Proprietary custom magnetics design capabilities

  • Advanced finite element, thermal and product reliability analyses

  • Cost-effective manufacturing and design options

Do share us your requirements and we will work together with our expert to bring you custom made solution for your next application.

BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuator & BLDC


•  Ventilators

•  Oxygen Concentrator

•  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

•  Fast Steering Mirrors

•  Mass Spectrometer

•  Chromatography

•  Military / Aero Gimbals

•  Incubator

•  Centrifuge

Precision linear and rotary Voice Coil Actuators (VCAs) and Brushless DC Motors (BLDCs) for producing, sensing and controlling motion in the medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets. Proprietary magnetic design methodologies are used to produce custom products where performance, precision, and reliability are critical.

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