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Solutions for energy storage cabinet radiation with AC & EC cooling fan

The growing electric vehicle market has brought much attention to the energy storage market. This is due to the fact that the reduction of carbon emissions is also linked to the relevant issue of energy storage cabinet - how manufacturers are able to harness these sources of energy properly and store energy with more effectiveness.

When the storage system is in operation, electric energy will be converted at high power, which will generate heat inevitably. The crux lies in how to configure the fans to dispose the heat, so as to maintain stable energy storage.

To this end, Fulltech Electric offers an innovative design using centrifugal fan with air inlet and outlet at 90 degrees to dissipate large amount of heat energy, then, using the axial flow fan to steer the air flow to discharge the heat energy from the energy storage cabinet. This not only stabilizes the internal energy convert output but also prevents the temperature inside the cabinet from rising too much.

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Source: Fulltech

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