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Kavlico / Sensata is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensor and transducer, and transmitters with four innovative sensing technologies: ceramic, capacitive, piezo-resistive, and silicon capacitive. With continual development and innovation for flexible, advanced and cost effective design to meet customers' application in aerospace, defense, industrial and transportation. Kavlico pressure sensors & transducer includes stainless steel, low, high & differential pressure sensor, torque & specialty sensor system.

Kavlico Application

•  HVAC & Refrigeration

•  VAV Controller

•  Medical Devices

•  Anesthesia & Gas Equipment

•  Dialysis & Blood Treatment

•  Military Aerospace

•  F&B Dispensing

•  Compressor & Pump

Kavlico Sensing Technology

•  Ceramic Capacitive

•  Silicon Capacitive

•  Piezo-resistive

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