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​Klixon / Sensata is committed to support customers with high quality, reliable, flexible, and innovative solutions and products. Klixon products cover circuit breaker, thermostats and switches for applications like aerospace, satellite, commercial & military aircraft, medical equipment, and HVAC markets.


With a broad selection of features, types and design option of circuit breaker and thermostats, Klixon thermostats are well designed to withstand harsh environment and high temperature. Klixon switches are hermitically sealed and is well suited for rugged situation and ideal for extreme environments.​

Klixon products fall into 4 major categories:

  • Aircraft Circuit Breaker

  • Thermal Circuit Breakers

  • Precision Thermostats

  • Precision Switches

Klixon Pressure Switch

  • PSW offers 5 distinct product solutions
  • All offer welded hermetic snap acting sensor with fixed set points

  • Normally Open or Normally Closed Logic available

  • Threaded or Brazed fittings

  • Pressure Pulsation damping options available


  • HVAC & Refrigeration

  • Aircon Control



  • Vacuum to 750 psig

  • Potted/unpotted

  • Generally Robust for Most A/C & Off-road environments

  • Leaded or quick connect



  • Auto-Reset , Flexible Set Point Range

  • Fixed Set Point

  • Operate Pressure 0 to 750 psig ( 50 Bar )

  • Media (R410a, R2, R13a, R407c, CO2-R333a, Ammonia-R717 )

  • Leaded or quick connect

  • SPST, NO or NC

  • Male or Female Threaded  or  Copper Tube Fitting



  • Potted/unpotted

  • High power device up to 600V 3A

  • SPST or SPDT configurations



  • 0 psig to 100 psig

  • Potted/Unpotted

  • Leaded or quick connect

  • Same robustness as 20PS

  • Up to 1M cycles life on some ratings



  • 200 psig to 750 psig

  • Manual Reset, trip free

  • SPST Only

  • Pressure port or panel mount options available

Klixon Temperature Sensors & Thermostats

Rugged industrial thermostats and temperature sensors with a wide range of form factors and connection options to supply a solution for every industrial application. A multitude of package designs for harsh and challenging environments span a range of -70°to 850°C.


  • Heating Systems ( HVAC )

  • Commercial Refrigeration

  • Electric Generators

  • Water Heaters

  • Welding Equipment

  • Food Warmers

  • Vending Machines

  • Electric Motors

  • Power Supplies

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