Specialize in speed and position sensors for extreme application. With a broad variety of optical and magnetic encoders, potentiometer, hall effect sensor , electric module , and a variety of accessories to meet your application requirements. BEI Sensors products are designed for extreme application for example wet ,dry, wash-down and corrosive environments, high temperatures, high shock, vibration and certified for use in hazardous areas. 


•  Machine Control

•  Process Control

•  Motion and Position Control

•  Oil Well Logging

•  Machine Automation

•  Robotics

•  Elevators

•  Motor interface & Positioning

•  Off-Road Vehicles

•  Textile equipment

Optical Rotary Encoder

Incremental  Encoder

“Express”  Encoder
Short Lead-time 

Absolute Single-Turn  Encoder

Hazardous Area Certified  Encoder
ATEX and UL certified

Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder

Functional Safety Encoder
Up to SIL 3

Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Incremental  Encoder

Absolute Single-Turn Encoder

Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder


Rotary Potentiometer

Linear Potentiometer


Inclinometers – Precise Tilt Measurement

Hall effect Sensor

Hall effect rotary Sensor

Draw Wire Sensor

cable-extension transducers

SwiftComm wireless encoder interface

Wireless Encoder interface

Sensor Support Product

 Electronic module

Power supplies

Cables/Mating connectors

Mechanical Hardware

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