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Degson offers high quality products and professional services to a variety industries such as industrial automation, new energy, instrumentation, power, rail transport , elevator, lighting, shipbuilding , security, machinery and etc.


Degson major product categories include: Terminal Blocks, Din-Rail TB, Circular Connector, HDC, Electronic Products, Electric Vehicle Charger and EBIKE Connector.

About Degson

DEGSON, founded in 1990, is a world renowned industrial connection solution provider. Degson has been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 80079-34, ISO/TS 22163 and IATF 16949 management system and is a world class manufacturer for connectors. Degson products are sold in over 100 countries, including China, United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.
Degson product lines are mainly as follows:

  • Device Connectivity (DC) : Connectors for device manufacturer, plug-in connectors , PCB connectors, barrier terminals, and other connectors.

  • Industrial Components & Electronics (ICE) : Product line mainly in cabinet, commonly used in the rail connection products and electronic products.

  • Din rail product : screw connection and spring connection and related accessories, tools, printers, etc.

  • Electronic Product : relays, relay modules, splitters, IO enclosures, industrial power supplies and other products.

  • Industrial Field Connectivity (IFC) : product line mainly covers connector products from ancillary device manufacturers ; Rectangular connector and circular connector.

  • E-Mobility System (EMS) : product line covers charging, micro travel, high voltage connections, charging pile connection technology.

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