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The Cooling Solution for Disinfection Robots

In the recent years, enterprises and major medical institutions have started paying more attention to disinfection robots due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Robots are deployed as a carrier, whereby they are programmed to "inhale" the external air, and use the high-power output ultraviolet lamp installed inside to effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria. The crux of how to effectively prevent spread to the entire indoor space, without dead ends, to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the air lies in choosing a suitable fan to set up the re-exhaust vent during the design stage of the disinfection robot

Smaller robot equipment may choose a direct current (DC) fan due to its smaller size, and the energy consumption is relatively smaller than the general alternating current (AC) fan. However, to take in larger air volumes, and there is no need to use a transformer to drive the DC fan, you can use the EC fan launched by Fulltech as the first choice. Current is passed through the internal circuit board and converted to DC power to achieve the same energy-saving effect, but also have the stable quality and higher air volume of AC fans.

Moreover, adding PWM (rotation speed control) and functions such as RD (low speed alarm) and FG (rotation speed detection) can help to control the speed and adjust the air volume in the face of different environments.

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