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Diotec Diodes Offers Safe Communication Offshore

The world's first radio transmission was done using a spark-gap transmitter. The principle of that set-up used an electric spark which creates radio waves which spread into the air. This was the advent of successful marine communications.

The smallest boats today use maritime radio systems, usually supplied by the onboard battery system. Similar to a car supply, the disconnection of the battery (or load dump) can cause voltage spikes exceeding easily 100 V. However, out at sea, the risk of lightning strikes which will hit the radio antenna is even greater, causing the loss of communication.

Transient Voltage Suppressor diodes (TVS) are often used to protect the sensitive onboard electronics. The P4SMAJ30CA-AQ is a typical TVS used in the second level of protection, i.e. at the interfaces of an electronic circuit, in addition to centralized load dump protectors and lightning arresters. View data sheet here.

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